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Unique diamonds found on Coal Coast

Updated: May 31, 2022

New Look.

Enduring Values.

The MtO website has launched and that concludes the three stage process of rebranding for Mount Ousley Physie

Where it all began. The first stage of this process began in lockdown in 2020 and involved MtO committee collaborating with local Austinmer graphic design artist Kathy Turner from Graphite Design Coal Coast Kathy worked with us to understand the true essence of MtO. In our new logo, we sought to encapsulate the nature of physie with a club that has withstood decades of strength and integrity. The result, a stunning golden diamond consisting of an organisation of beautiful miniature diamonds. Concept. Our diamond grid is based upon the formation of individual dancers into a team on a square dance floor - from an aerial perspective, similar to that from a drone.

It provides emphasis on the underlying structure and discipline of Physie as a distinguishable dance style, with its synchronised routines and precision of movement.

The use of little diamonds within a diamond is emphasising the characteristics, strength, determination, and hard work - on an individual and group level.

The different sized diamonds represent movement versus static positions within the choreography, moving fluidly from one position to another in unison. Every open senior, open lady and teacher, truly understands the integral role of patterns and artistry within a team’s spatial design.

Locale. Providing a deeper layer of meaning to our design, the diamond formation draws inspiration from our local area, the Black Diamond District, which is the colloquial name for the Northern Illawarra, based upon its coal mining industry. Black diamonds represent a range of qualities. They are rare, unique, distinctive, valuable and represent commitment, strength, fortitude, spiritual power, courage, beauty, allure, luxury and elegance. The founding miners were hard working, dedicated people who formed a cohesive and supportive tight knit community, which continues to this day. Community, inclusiveness and support are some of the qualities that set Mount Ousley apart.

Black diamonds unlike their white counterparts are not comprised of a single rock but many single stones bound together just like a team of individuals, working together as one.

The text of our logo introduces a softer aesthetic and this was also inspired by location. This time, the fact that our club resides in the northern suburbs of Wollongong, nestled at the foothills of the Illawarra escarpment and fringed by the beautifully sparkling beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

The curvatures of the text represent the mountainous peaks of the escarpment and the undulations of the ocean.

Dripping. Following the development and reveal of our new logo came the introduction of our new uniform range. After 63years of Mount Ousley Physie Club, we thought it imperative to combine innovation and modernity with a look that will retain a sense of strength and integrity for many years to come. Designed by Activated Industry and incorporating Kathy Turner’s logo suite, our uniform range consists of a collection of pieces that were intended to look strong yet understated.

The prominence of the sleek black and hints of gold, truly emulate the qualities of our club.

Members wear our uniform with pride and with two new items being added to the range this month, we are excited to head into the 2022 season dressed dripping in our gear.

The final chapter. Our club was proud to have launched our new website as we commenced our 2022 physie season. Our website has been reinvented by Kathy Turner to provide current and potential members with an insight into not only but the uniqueness of our club, detailing its history of community collegiality and success. Why not take a look for yourself? Check us out


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