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Back to physie feels

We are beyond excited to be back to physie at Mount Ousley. We have such an exciting year ahead and have loved every minute of it so far. Here’s what some of our members have to say about their return to physie in 2023….

"It’s been so great to be back in class this year! Reconnecting with everyone, meeting all the new ladies and having something different to do on a Friday with that class time! I’ve really loved getting stuck into the new work this year and working through the more tricky parts with the other ladies in the group. It’s been awesome to get back into it and I can’t wait for the rest of the year ahead."

"Finding out what songs we have for the year is something we all look forward to. Something else that brings excitement are the classes. Socialising with friends, as well as improving and learning more and more every lesson. The work has become more challenging this year but that won’t be a problem with our amazing teachers. The teachers put a great amount of effort into helping us be the best physie dancers we can be. They take the time to focus on each and every one of us, giving us all individual corrections and pushing us a little bit further than we thought possible."

"I like coming back to class to see my teachers again. I have enjoyed learning the new work and especially the new songs that were chosen. I love seeing my friends and making new ones with the girls that joined. I’m excited to work hard in 2023 and get the best results I can."

"Being a mum of two under two I rarely have time to myself so decided to learn something new that was a little out of my comfort zone. Physie not only has been so fun but it also has made a huge difference to my happiness and wellbeing. Being an ex-dancer, I love that this is a team-based sport that’s social and an excellent low impact dance and aerobic activity. Everyone I have met have been so welcoming and I already feel like I’m part of the Mount Ousley Physie family. Thank you to my teacher, who has been incredible! I can’t wait for more fun times this year!"

"I’m very excited to get back into my physie at Mount Ousley. It’s great seeing all my physie friends. Our amazing teachers always help us to try and achieve our goals. We all have so much fun together doing what we all love. I feel so proud and privileged to be part of Mount Ousley Physie club."

"Going to the first lesson of physie after the summer break makes me so happy. Not only to reconnect with friends and see my amazing teachers, but to begin the exciting and challenging year ahead. Seeing my improvement from year to year makes this sport truly rewarding and I always look forward to reaching new goals. The choreography this year is highly stylised and includes challenging components of balance and strength. This will be workshopped with our talented senior teachers who have a wealth of world class experience in physie and dance to help us succeed. My favourite time of the week is coming to physie class and I am very excited for the year of 2023 physie."

"Physie at Mt Ousley has been a highlight for me these past few years, and again I was excited for classes to return, as I get to hang out with some seriously amazing women, have plenty of laughs, improve my flexibility and focus on my fitness. Being a Mum who wears plenty of hats in my family, I love that when I turn up to class each week, it allows me to mentally switch off and have ‘me’ time."

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