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Juniors range from ages 3-12yrs and classes are arranged into two age groups - Fairies and Juniors. Our physie girls keep fit as they learn a syllabus consisting of various exercises that focus on coordination, strength and flexibility. Juniors are followed by Teens 13-16 years, Seniors from 17 years and Ladies women.




Our 3 and 4yr old fairies have so much fun learning basic movement skills whilst they develop a sense of musicality under the guidance of our enthusiastic teachers. Classes are a fun and exciting experience for all. Our fairies make new friends as they develop confidence to perform in front of an audience at relaxed, local club events. 



Junior Overview

Our 5-12 year old junior classes are not only full of fun but provide students with the correct training to refine their physie skills. Our experienced teachers prepare their students for competition on both an individual and team level.  

Junior Team Competition

Junior team competitions are at a national level and are a highlight of the year. Teams is a unifying experience where girls thrive alongside teammates developing a sense of belonging and positive well being. Competition is healthy and assists in the development of resilience and sportsmanship. MtO loves to watch the support and sense of satisfaction that encompasses the process of its members coming together and striving for a common goal.

Junior Individual Competition

Junior individual competition usually begins with Interclubs, where a number of clubs come together in a friendly environment allowing members to practice their syllabus with an audience. At a zone level, girls engage in a local competition where they develop a sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Those 6yrs and over who are successful in gaining a place at zone will qualify for a national competition. Those juniors who make the final at their zone competition but are not awarded a place, have the opportunity to compete again at repechage. Repechage provides zone finalists another performance opportunity alongside a second chance to be awarded a place and head off to nationals alongside the zone placegetters.