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What is Physie?

What is Physie?


BJP Physical Culture is an Australian sport that prides itself on developing the physical and mental wellbeing of females from young girls through to teenagers and ladies. Whether you are new to dance or a seasoned performer, physie is fun and engaging for all levels of experience.  


During physie lessons, members learn physical based routines from a BJP choreographed syllabus. Released at the beginning of each year, it aims to develop coordination, strength and flexibility. Physie members belong to a club, usually in their local area of residence and have the opportunity to compete in competitions as individuals and/or as part of a team. 


Physie empowers its members and teaches them to grow and inspire.

About Mt O

About MtO


Since 1958 Mount Ousley Physical Culture Club has opened its arms to young girls, teenagers and ladies from 3yrs to 70yrs. We embrace new members and provide them with guidance throughout their physie journey.


Camaraderie & Support 

Kindness & Inclusiveness

Respect for each other  

Teamwork & Dedication


Our vision is to allow girls and women of all ages to be who they want to be through dance and movement in a world which embraces them unconditionally.


Our mission is to be the most supportive and encouraging physie club, giving members a sense of good health, connection and belonging.

Vision Mission Values



MtO has proven very successful in all aspects of competition since its inception in 1958. We pride ourselves on our positivity surrounding our ability to teach members how to set personal and team goals and strive to achieve their goals in an inviting and structured environment. MtO offers its members a fantastic array of events, displays, fundraising opportunities and social occasions, culminating in our highly anticipated annual presentation celebration.


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“I love that everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. I feel so lucky to be part of such an amazing club that supports my physie journey, especially under the guidance of my incredible teacher Nadina.”

MtO Senior, Darcie.


“My three girls love their physie at Mount Ousley! The teachers are so passionate, 

nurturing and committed. Couldn’t ask for better role models for our children!” 

MtO Junior parent, Lauren.


“Mount Ousley Physie is very welcoming, friendly and fun. Everyone supports each other in class and out on the floor, we share the experience of  our achievements together.”

MtO Senior, Lisa.


“As a student of Nadina’s for the last 10 years, I can say with complete confidence that she is as talented, committed, professional, and supportive as they come. She has created an accepting class community where she pushes us to achieve our biggest goals, empowers us to care for our minds and our bodies, all while having fun at the same time. Nadina has been a huge part of my life. She is not only a teacher, but a friend, and we are all so lucky to have the opportunity to work with her.”

MtO Senior, Claudia.


“One thing that I absolutely love about Mount Ousley Physie Club is that all the teachers

are so kind and are willing to take time out of their day to help us improve our technique

and flexibility. Everyone is so passionate! I have made so many positive relationships

and I look forward to the years ahead with this club.”

MtO Junior, Audrey.

"My daughter has been with Mount Ousley Physie Club since she was 4. She has made so many nice friends

and the teachers are next level, great - very committed to getting the girls to do their personal best!"

MtO Junior parent, Carley.

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