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Behind the camera

Join us for a quick chat with Violet, the 2021 11yr National Champion.

What is your most exciting physie moment?

My most treasured moment in physie was when I won first place at Nationals for the 11years age group. I was so happy to hear my number get called out as the winner. It was the best feeling ever! It gave me the opportunity to be on the 2022 BJP VIDEO and I will always be so grateful for that experience.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My biggest supporters are, of course, my mum, my siblings, my family and my physie teacher. My mum is always the one encouraging me to be the best I can be and tells me to have fun! She does everything for me and my siblings. She takes us to and from physie lessons, gets us ready for comps, takes us there, prepares our food and drinks and buys us leotards and all those kinds of things. My mum always teaches us to be grateful whether we win or lose and to always be kind to others. She is the best mum ever! She is always so proud of all my achievements and I love her so much. My Mum never gives up in anything she does, she is my role model. Mum attempts to do my hair and makeup for physie competitions but Miss Elizabeth fixes it for me, which Mum is very grateful for. My physie teacher, Miss Elizabeth, is the best physie teacher I’ve ever had. She helps me improve my physie and fix up my hair for competitions. Miss Elizabeth is really funny, she always has funny jokes and demonstrations which always makes me laugh. She is supportive and encouraging and I really admire and thank her for everything she’s done for me. When she gets that shoe out, we know she means business!! 😊

What’s one thing you would like to change about the world?

Something I would like to change about the world is pollution. Whether it's plastic, water, land or air pollution. If pollution continues to get worse, future generations won’t get to experience our beautiful oceans and animals.

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