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"She Scott it all"

Updated: May 31, 2022

Teacher - Elizabeth Scott

With an association of over fifty years, Elizabeth is a lifetime member of Mount Ousley

Starting at the age of five, Elizabeth developed a genuine love of physie and belief in how much the sport positively impacts girls in all areas of their lives. This is what keeps Elizabeth coming back year after year.

Elizabeth has been teaching for forty years and it has been during this time that Mount Ousley has become one of the most recognised clubs in the physie world. Elizabeth has trained and guided many national winners, placegetters and championship winning teams. During her time at Mount Ousley, Elizabeth has taught every physie age group and is proud to see her students now becoming great teachers and role models for the younger members of the club. Aside from the technical experience it takes to be a great physie teacher, Elizabeth brings integrity, fairness, honesty, generosity, commitment and lots of fun. On a personal note, Elizabeth has had so much joy watching her daughters Natasha and Kristin, share her passion for physie throughout their lives - with many highlights, including her youngest Kristin, gaining the desirable title of Grand Champion Girl in 2016.

Outside of physie, Elizabeth works as a Student Learning Support Officer and Teacher’s Aide at Balgownie Public School and is married with three adult children. Elizabeth’s ability to whip up a hair style in seconds is an act of mastery and is backed with formal training as a hairdresser.

Elizabeth’s dedication is driven by the joy gained from witnessing her junior girls’ progress each year, their growth into successful young women and their loyalty to their club and teachers, while making lifelong friends along the way.

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